About Us

My name is Andrea, I am one of the shareholders of La Chacha Soaps Corp. and I love what I do.

La Chacha Soaps is a small family owned/operated company dedicated to the creation and manufacture of non-toxic, high quality, all natural skin care products.

We started creating soaps and butters to shield/protect our family from synthetic preservatives and other harsh chemicals found in today's mass produced personal care products.

We believe that cleansing and nourishing our largest organ, the skin, with all natural, vegetable based, non-toxic products, will significantly improve our health and the way we feel, both physically and emotionally.

We will never use harmful chemicals and/or preservatives in our products.

All of our recipes are created and produced in our facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We do not outsource, the entire process for each product is done in-house to ensure high level of quality, freshness and consistency. 

From my family to yours!


Andrea Gentile                                                                                                                                           

Email: andreag@lachachasoaps.com